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Changing Seasons!

Autumn has arrived along with leaf clearing, winter lawn preparation, pruning and general planning ahead for 2017. It's also a perfect time to get planting. Taurus can assist with a full range of garden tasks from lawn care, landscaping and general maintenance.  So why not give us a call.


 Get in touch, FREE on ‘0800 9700 415’ or if you prefer a landline please call 0131 513 9890.

“The Taurus team did a fantastic job on my garden which needed a combination of landscaping and maintenance. Chris gave me great advice to help me work out what I needed. The job was reasonably priced, delivered on time and to a high standard. The team communicated well with me at all stages, were polite and courteous, and worked extremely hard. I was very happy with the outcome which was a significant improvement on how my garden looked before.”  

Mr Pilbeam, Edinburgh


"We have recently hired Chris to carrying some improvements to our garden; not really knowing what we wanted to do, Chris was able to suggest and implement his own ideas with a result that bettered out expectations. I will be using Chris again in the future."

Mr Stormonth, Baberton, Edinburgh